7.21. ODPI-C Structure dpiQueryInfo

This structure is used for passing query metadata from ODPI-C. It is populated by the function dpiStmt_getQueryInfo(). All values remain valid as long as a reference is held to the statement and the statement is not re-executed or closed.

const char *dpiQueryInfo.name

Specifies the name of the column which is being queried, as a byte string in the encoding used for CHAR data.

uint32_t dpiQueryInfo.nameLength

Specifies the length of the dpiQueryInfo.name member, in bytes.

dpiDataTypeInfo dpiQueryInfo.typeInfo

Specifies the type of data of the column that is being queried. It is a structure of type dpiDataTypeInfo.

int dpiQueryInfo.nullOk

Specifies if the data that is being queried may return null values (1) or not (0).